ProseccoSource was created with the idea that bringing quality products to customers at below market prices would build a great business. Thirty years later we hold on to our original ideals and continue to grow our company.

ProseccoSource sells and ships almonds, walnuts, pistachios as well as a variety of other nuts, olives, dried fruits, spices, and a large number of baking ingredients.

We supply large volumes of high quality spices, baking ingredients as well as nuts, dried fruit products to customers for resale as well as for use in snacking, baking, confectionery and a number of other industries. We understand the needs of customers and adapt to their ever changing requests.

We take positions on large quantities, as a result, we are able to pass on our savings to our customers. Our goal is to provide a quality product with premium customer service in an efficient manner that will maximize savings to customers. We are able to meet the quality and quantity demands of both large and small customers.

We will work with you to provide the products ideally suited to meet your needs at the lowest possible price.